A New Water Source for Municipalities | Water for Earth
If you serve a municipality, you know that available water supply is being reduced. Whether its by population growth or state-mandated water restrictions, water is depleting at an alarming rate. The good news is that Water for Earth can help with a new source of water for your community.
Here are a couple of ways our technology can help:
  1. If you have families and businesses that are accessing a shallow aquifer that is starting to run dry, a municipally managed program to recharge that aquifer could allow them to meet their needs without joining the city water system and further decreasing your supply.
  2. If your main municipal groundwater supply is decreasing, a large-scale rain harvested recharge zone could increase available groundwater in your main aquifer or you could use it to set up a shallower alternative supply for the city.

 A New Source of Water for Municipalities | Water for Earth

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